Supporting Families Through Better Funding for Child care

Canada’s Conservatives will support working families with children by providing increased funding for child care. The recession has hit women hardest and set back the full integration of women in Canada’s workforce. Allowing women to reach true equality in the workforce is impossible without child care. Nobody should be prevented from getting back to work because they can’t afford child care.

Canada’s Conservatives will convert the Child Care Expense Deduction into a refundable tax credit covering up to 75% of the cost of child care for lower-income families. This will massively increase the support that lower-income families receive and provide more assistance to almost all families. We will also pay out the deduction over the course of the year so that families do not have to pay the cost of child care and then get the money back later.

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Secure the future, help elect Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives and get Canada’s economy back on track.

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